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Empower  Counselling

UK & International Clients Welcome

Young People, Adults & Older People


Clare Fisher MBACP  CSAccred

The Neurodivergent



I am a down to earth, friendly and caring qualified pluralistic Counsellor/Psychotherapist. 

I want to work with you to support you to find solutions to your problems.

In our sessions I will listen, I will talk but I will not judge.

I will use my skills to support you, empower you and help you to become the resilient authentic person that you know you can be.

You might want only one session or you can book as many as you feel is necessary.

The choice is yours.

Training and qualifications

Studying  PHD

BA Degree in Community Learning & Development (a registered member of CLD Scotland)

MSc Counselling (Merit) Registered Member MBACP.

Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner (a registered member of ABNLP)

Life Coach Level 3

Usui Reiki Master

Qualified Mental Health First Aider

Smoking Cessation Tutor

Royal Yacht Association Powerboat level 2

Teacher of English as a Second Language

Child Protection (HNU)

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (working & managing safely)

Gym Induction Trainer

Moving Your Practice Online (Online Therapy Institute)

Certificate In Online & Telephone Counselling (CT)

SDS Accreditation in Clinical Supervision (BPS Approved Certificate)

Place2Be Mental Health Champion 

Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme member

Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insured - Towergate Insurance

Fully registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act

Not accepting NEW in-person Clients (only online)

The Empower Counselling Hut
  is very HOT due to the current  weather
could all in-person clients please consider
scheduling evening appointments or online alternatives
This is for our comfort and safety.


Booking & Availability

Email Therapy

The process involves you writing your problems and concerns in an email, and Clare Fisher Psychotherapist replying with a considered therapeutic response.
Read and write emails at a time that suits you. There is no need for an appointment.
Take as much time as you like to get your thoughts and feelings down in writing.
Writing down the things that are on your mind is very helpful in itself – the act of sharing can provide some relief. Articulating your thoughts, feelings and concerns in writing can begin to give insight into what is happening in your life.
It allows you and Clare time to consider issues and solutions more thoroughly.
Putting pen to paper, or in this case, hand to keyboard – is great for individuals who do not feel comfortable speaking about their problems out loud or are more at ease with the written word.
Freedom to record what is on your mind as it occurs.
Writing in comfortable/familiar surroundings reduces your inhibitions, allowing you to be more open than you might be face-to-face.
Able to refer to the conversation history.
Just knowing that there is Clare to respond to your problems without judgement can provide an enormous sense of comfort and support to anyone attempting to overcome a difficult period in their life. 
Responses by encrypted email are guaranteed within 24hrs. 7 days a week Sunday to Saturday.

Reading: Every 30 words that the client writes are considered to be 1 minute
Writing: Every 30 words that Clare writes to the client are considered to be 2 minutes
For a fee of £25 a week you will receive up to 1hrs email written support - if you require additional time with agreement an additional fee will be levied.

You can access email counselling as a standalone or in addition to online or face to face counselling.


Parent or Carer of teenagers, if you are finding it challenging to connect with your child or children please book a session and we can explore your issues and concerns . Psychotherapy makes a positive difference  in  family relationships.

So lets start the change with you!  


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"As parents we were able to witness the change our child went through whilst in therapy. From being anxious, continuous worrying and not wanting to attend school, she became more confident within herself, able to enjoy social interactions with her friends and to flourish into the amazing teenager that she is. Thanks to Clare’s professional skills, ability to create relations of trust, creativity in sessions, accommodating our child’s needs, her genuine nature and perseverance - our child has made significant progress and we are so grateful for that. "

Parent Quote


Hand Embrace

"Clare supported me so much throughout my difficult time. She listened to me exceptionally well and helped identify certain exercises that would be able to help me manage my anxiety. Clare is really professional and has a kind and calming manner. Gradually Clare made me feel more at ease and each week I looked forward to my sessions." 

Client Quote

Smiling Portrait

"Thank you Clare for helping me through a particularly difficult time.  I appreciate your honesty and supportiveness, and it was very helpful to get a different perspective on the situation."

Adult Client Quote

Young Model

“Clare made me feel like I was listened to and gave really good advice I can’t over express the positive impact her services have had on my mental health.”

Young Adult Client Quote


“Clare helped me heal and live the life I deserve”

Older Person Client Quote

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"Clare has helped me to take the lead in our sessions and has given me some good advice. She has supported me to set goals and get more of a focus on my future. I now don't have to focus so much on things that I thought were a problem."

Young Client Quote


"Clare has helped me overcome my obsessions and I have have felt miles better and managed to do everyday tasks much easier. I am looking forward to going to Uni"

Young Client Quote

"Clare has been so helpful to me when I was at my lowest. She really cares, and that was made obvious when she called me directly after receiving my first email. Clare is kind, observant and challenged me without being confrontational. Clare has helped me more than she will ever know and even though our sessions have ended the work we have done is continuing to help me stay well."

Adult Client Quote


Happy client

"Clare has made me feel so listened to and creates such a comfortable space to talk about anything I want. I immediately feel better and more in touch with myself after her sessions. Highly recommend!"

Adult Client Quote


Doing Homework

"I feel that counselling sessions were really good for me and that Clare genuinely cared about helping me find ways to be happier, and helping me to understand and communicate how things make me feel. 


I also just wanted to say that Clare really helped me and I’m really glad that I got to talk to her."

Young Client Quote

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"I think that the surprising thing for me was how much our sessions helped me reframe things in my mind and find my confidence again. 


Really appreciate it and I will definitely reach out to Clare again in the future."

Young Adult Client Quote

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Football Player

"Clare immediately put me at ease. I was nervous about starting my counselling journey but Clare created such a safe environment I felt comfortable very quickly. She offered practical advice and recommendations that were easy to integrate into my daily life. 


Thank you so much for all of your help! I’ll get in touch should I need more counselling in the future. I’m a lot more at ease and much happier now, thank you! "

University Student Client Quote



 "Clare is friendly, kind, and created an environment where I felt comfortable talking about my personal problems. As a result of our sessions, my confidence has improved significantly and I now genuinely feel comfortable with myself. With the prospect of going to counselling was initially daunting, Clare really helped me to feel at ease and I found the sessions really helpful as they allowing me to understand how I could improve my life and become a more confident and relaxed person. 


Thank you for all your help! My confidence has grown more than I could have ever imagined and I am at a point where I feel happy and comfortable with myself"

Young Adult Client Quote


Working at home

"Clare I want to thank you for all of your help. I still think about how you made me realize that all I ever really want is to be appreciated and how I can use my daydreaming to help me rather than hinder me. I was having a hard time at that point and my discussions with you really helped me get through it. Thank you again for everything!"

Adult Client Quote

Man Working at Desk

"I think you are a fantastic and methodical therapist with the ideal way about you, and you don’t judge which is incredibly important."

Adult Client Quote

Outdoor Sports

"Clare really helped me by allowing me to talk though lots of stuff and went above and beyond by allowing the sessions to run a little long. Clare gave me some very useful tips on controlling my feelings of anger. I haven't pursued more counselling because Clare made me realise that I need to really change my situation before addressing anything that is still lasting. By realising that it has allowed me to carry on knowing that how I feel should change or at least evolve when I move on. I do struggle to express myself and I think this is one of those times but Clare really helped me at points when I really needed it which I can only thank her for. I would and have  recommended Clare to others." 

Adult Client Quote

Hiking With Child

"Clare is a really kind, and generous listener. She never made me feel judged. Instead she asked questions that made me reconsider my perspective on events and myself."

Better Help Client 19/09/22

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