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At Empower Counselling (Psychotherapy),

Clare believes that everyone should have access to personalised psychotherapy services to support them on their journey towards healing and growth. Clare can offer weekly email support to help you stay on track in between sessions.

The process involves you writing your thoughts/concerns in an email, and Clare will reply with a considered supportive/therapeutic response.
Read and write emails at a time that suits you. There is no need for an appointment.
Take as much time as you like to get your thoughts and feelings down in writing.
Writing down the things that are on your mind is very helpful in itself – the act of sharing can provide some relief. Articulating your thoughts, feelings and concerns in writing can begin to give insight into what is happening in your life.
Responses by encrypted email are guaranteed within 12hrs.

7 days a week Sunday to Saturday.

Up to 5 email supportive/therapeutic responses per week for a fee of £25 

You can access this service as a standalone or in addition to online or face to face counselling.

Email to find out more and book

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