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Empower Reduced Fee Programme


I believe that great quality, caring and responsive mental health services should be provided free or at a limited charge for everyone. 

I run a one-person business which pays my living costs and I know that I am in a privileged position. However, I recognize that not everyone has had the access to the resources that I have, so I want to help level the playing field in my own small way. I started the Empower Reduced Fee programme when I opened my business in 2020 and to date over 40 people have benefited from free or reduced fee counselling. Students, unemployed, those on low incomes and clients who have found paying a struggle have all benefited. If you wish to apply to the Empower Reduced Fee programme, please contact me but please note places are unfortunately limited.


If you would like to give the gift of mental health by contributing a donation to the Empower Reduced Fee Programme that would be awesome!

Thank you

Youth Counseling
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