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50 Years and still........... by Clare Fisher

After a restless night with a sick teenager, I was woken up this morning at 8.24 am to a wonderful text from my mentor of 33yrs which read "Happy Birthday Gorgeous. You obviously drink from the fountain of youth x" I hope that you don't mind me sharing Bill! you made me smile for which I am grateful.

The next person to wish me Happy Birthday was my doctor whilst drawing blood and advising me that my blood pressure meds need increasing.

I then drove home whilst singing at the top of my lungs Victoria's Secret by Jax. Love shouting out the word DUDE! reminds me of the bodacious Bill & Ted and also the funniest scene ever

from Dude, Where's My Car? all I can say is SWEET!

Then my mother phoned to wish me a Happy Birthday but also to inform me that she needed her radiator fixed as it was stuck on the Bahamas setting, so I went around and isolated it from the main system as a stop gap until the plumber can come out.

I had some lovely Facebook messages and even a couple of retro cards hand delivered by the Postie.

I had some of the corn beef hash (poor persons Stovies) and cupcakes provided yesterday by my good friend. What a pure excellent gift!

I worked in my shed for a few sessions with some awesome clients.

Then my daughter painted me a Birthday card at 8 pm tonight, which read "sorry for being a shite" which I initially read as "Happy Birthday, sorry you're a shite"

I heated the water boiler and ran a bath with the plug unplugged! No extortionately expensive Birthday bath for me.

I wrote a blog on my website/Instagram about Poop, because I am classy that way.

I am currently drinking a Birthday glass or two of Spanish white wine (it's not a variety it's just called Spanish white wine).

Sitting here typing I realise that I have now lived between two centuries, and I have survived previous decades without a PC, mobile phone, Tic Tok, Netflix and cashless purchases. Thankfully I am still evolving and embracing the new, but I still do not have a clue what 3-D printing is.

I am still making mistakes

I am still exasperated by politics

I am still striving for universal answers

I am still trying to make a wee difference

I am still a pain in the bum

I am still required to learn

I am still trying to do no harm

I am still a goth at heart (loving Netflix series Wednesday)

I am still a believer in that wee thing called love

I am still overindulging in cake, soave and late nights

I am still laughing at people falling over in u tube videos

I am still crying at soppy movies

I am still at peace around water and nature

I am still dreaming

Moreover, I AM STILL HERE – and that means something!

So, bring it on! Happy Birthday to me……….

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