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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

I would never have enough time to do that! I bet that most of us have uttered these words when faced with a choice to do something that we enjoy. I often hear myself say I used to go swimming, I used to paint, I used to garden, I used to see friends and so on….

I used to do a lot of great things that I loved, that nourished my soul, that kept me healthy in mind and body. So what happened to me, why did I change?

Did I really get so busy with work, bringing up a child and looking after my parents that I stopped having any time left for myself? What has become of my needs, my dreams and my restorative me time? I am bombarded with deadlines, tasks, things to do, information, priorities and more. My Things To Do list never ends and I often wonder who’s priorities I am so diligently and timeously fulfilling day after day.

If only I had the choice to change my lot, to stop doing and to start living. I would love the simple joy of being bored with no access to a TV or phone with which to over stimulate my already frazzled brain.

BUT I DO HAVE A CHOICE! I have always had a choice, so why did I forget that? am I

to overwhelmed, do I not care about myself, am I scared, am I too fatigued, am I people pleaser, am I boring……………………………..?

Let’s imagine Tom Hiddleston (The actor) unexpectedly and remarkably taps me on the shoulder one day and invites me to accompany him right there and then to the Lochside for a picnic hamper lunch. With the prospects of enjoying the food, my company and the wonderful view would I say no sorry I have to answer my emails, check my Tik Tok, hang out the washing, go to the chip shop……….. NO……. I would miraculously find the time! I would choose to use ‘my’ time to experience this unexpected opportunity.

So why on a daily basis do I not choose to spend more of my time doing the things that would make me happy, healthy and more human?

I have been so busy doing and creating more things to do, I have been so distracted by the mundane that I have forgotten to have fun, experience new things, to rest and to simply be present in the moment.

We all have choices in life, so please stop, reflect and choose the way in which you live your life. Please love yourself enough to live more wisely.

“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one.” Tom Hiddleston or maybe Confucius said it first

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