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Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Today as the sun is shining I think that it is a wonderful time to start my mindful walking journey. I have been sedentary for far too long during my lockdown homeworking and I find that I am now carrying more fat than I think is healthy for me. I want to relax, to bath myself in the countryside and to find my happy place again.

Mindful walking is much more than trying to up your step count on your watches fitness app, it works all of your senses, your body, your mind and your spirit.

The best way to start mindful walking in by taking your first step.

Please forget the fancy gym wear, the headphones and put your mobile phone safely into your pocket.

Please consider the following;

  1. What can you see? Can you see the wind moving rhythmically through the branches of the trees above you?

  2. What can you smell? When you sniff the air do you smell the sweet scent of wild flowers or the earthiness of a freshly ploughed field?

  3. What can you hear? Can you hear the birds sing, the insects buzz or the waves lap against the shore line.

  4. What can you feel? How does each part of your body feel from the souls of your feet against the ground to the ends of your fingers brushing against the bushes as you pass by? Is there a cool breeze on you face or do you feel the warm sun on your back?

  5. What can you taste? Can you taste the salty air coming up from the sea spray?

Each mindful walk is different and it doesn't matter if they are long or short as they are always beautiful! Let time and your pace slow down, give yourself the gift of being present in your surroundings and enjoy every movement and moment.

Here are some photos of my walk today, I hope that they inspire you to walk more mindfully.

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