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My new Mug & Comfort Characters

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Do you have a comfort character?

These fictional characters from film, tv series, comics, books, video games are often either hero’s, under dogs or villains.

We do not make a conscious choice to choose them, we appear to be inexplicably drawn to them. However, a school of thought is that we subconsciously pick comfort characters that we identify with and relate too. They are characters with whom we share the same traits with and with whom we have a lot in common with. We identify with their story arc of self-discovery through struggle, loneliness, weakness, subjugation, pain and misunderstandings. Comfort characters are not normally based on fan simping or sexual fantasy, however a character that’s easy on the eyes is in my view a wee benefit. Instead these characters are viewed as parents, teachers, friends, soul mates, role models and sometimes romantic partners. The act of spending time with them in their world is nurturing as they are often kind, warm, loving, caring, compassionate, brave and through an imaginary emotional connection they make us feel safe. They can keep us grounded, build our confidence, give us something to believe in, provide a source of inspiration, increase our self-esteem and help us to problem solve when we imagine what they would do in our situation. Some people channel their comfort characters through cosplay whilst others join fandom sites, create/share art, music and stories around the character. They join a likeminded community.

So who is/are your comfort character(s)?

At the moment my comfort character is Loki from the Marvel movies as like me he often doesn’t fit in, struggles with inner conflict and looks for external approval/acceptance. Hopefully this doesn’t mean like Loki I want to conquer the earth, kill people and become the one true Monarch and master of everything??????????????????????? I do however think that I would rock his black Armani suit and horns! #loki#marvel#comfortcharacter#mentalhealth#blogger#imagination

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