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scientia potentia est by Clare Fisher Psychotherapist

Updated: Apr 7

Knowledge on its own is not power, but how we wield it can be empowering and transform lives.

The acquisition of knowledge can be blocked by the barriers of poverty, tyranny and patriarchy.

The possession of knowledge can be controlled by the minority.

The sharing of knowledge can be affected by gatekeeping, apathy, fear, misdirection or even humility.

Individually and together we can informally ensure that knowledge is not restricted to the seemingly powerful.

If you feel unwell (unless it feeds health anxiety or is an emergency) google your symptoms using a reliable online platform before you see your medical practitioner. Please do not feel ashamed or shamed for expressing your Google knowledge with your GP, it is after all your health and well-being and ultimately your responsibility.

TikTok is also a useful source of knowledge and your algorithm may give you access to communities of interest in terms of;  benefits, education, neurodiversity, politics and health.  Treat TikTok as a starting point or catalyst in your journey for knowledge, as it can be a stepping stone towards gaining more information from other verified sources.

Read both fiction and non-fiction books to increase your knowledge, become a storyteller and pass it on.

To wield knowledge to empower yourself and others doesn't require you to be wealthy, highly educated or skilled.

Simply talk to each other, seek knowledge from your friends, family, elders, community, and professionals. Please share your knowledge wider with others and watch it grow.

When you inform women, you transform lives TED Talk

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