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Mix Tape for Mental Health Blog Clare Fisher

Music can elicit our moods, memories, imagination & emotions. It can take us back to a moment in time, it can reflect our present mood or even spur us towards our future goals.

Humans have been making and listening to music for a millennia and scientists have found that all musical genres affect our brains cerebellum by sending blood to our legs to make us ready to dance. In addition certain melodies can release additional dopamine which affects the reward and pleasure centres of our brains.

I have rather an eclectic taste in music from orchestral to K-pop, I must admit that for some unknow reason I do not like Jazz.

I spent my teenage years in the 80/90’s & benefited from experiencing some wonderful rock, pop, goth and indie music. I loved making mix tapes of my favourite tracks recorded from TV shows like Top of the Pop’s and The Tube. My peer group would swap & share our mix tapes to demonstrate our romantic feelings, angst, shared culture, politics & dreams. I suppose it’s the same as sharing your Spotify playlist today.

This is a sample of my Mix Tape for my Mental Health;

Frustration – Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall

Happiness – The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Time Warp

Resilience – First Aid Kit My Silver Lining

Silliness – They Might be Giants Don’t Lets Start

Confused – Lenka The Show

Regret – Amy MacDonald Mr Rock & Roll

Chilled - The Cure Harold and Joe

Joy – Mika We Are Golden

Why not indulge yourself and create your own mix tape/playlist – if you are feeling low it may be beneficial to focus on upbeat music for example Happy by Pharrell Williams. Don’t forget to DANCE more & SING out loud!

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